The Fluxy wind turbine, tower and foundation system is a complex and dynamic electro-mechanical structure.

The engineering calculations for such a structure are carefully made to ensure that all elements are safe and free of any possibility of resonant frequencies which can lead to excessive noise or in the worst case scenario, metal fatigue.

With safety and longevity in mind is our strict policy that only Kingston Renewable Energy approved towers be installed with our turbines. No warranty will be issued to non KRE tower and Fluxy installations.

Turbine towers are available in two sizes to lift the Fluxy to 13m and 20m. This is currently the Irish legislative maximum limit in height to qualify for planning exemption status. The 10.25m tower is used for domestic installations and raises the tip of the top blade to 13m, as high as allowed for a home setting.

The taller tower is designed for commercial installations and tops out at 20m, though of course the smaller tower may be used also depending on the quality of wind at the site. Our towers are extremely rigid weighing in at 2,800kgs (20m) and have a life expectancy of 70 to 100 years.

We have engineered very elegant towers for our Fluxy turbines that are hydraulically lifted. This method removes the need to climb the towers and allows the assembly to be safely lowered to the ground for airfoil cleaning, bearing lubrication and preventative maintenance and inspection. The hydraulic rams are brought to site for these annual checks and then removed until the next scheduled lowering.

It takes about 3 minutes to drop and raise a 20m tower and is the best system for small wind turbines. No cranes or high lift machinery are used during installation further reducing the carbon implications, time and expense.

The design of the tower sections and connections are based on a stalk of long grass and coloured to blend in with our Western European foliage.

Upgrade option for commercial customers who have the shorter tower and need more wind

With our installation method its possible to upgrade your 13m tower for the bigger 20m tower using your existing concrete pad (with some modifications). Apply for details.