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Technical specifications: 

Turbine type Upwind, passive yaw, direct drive
Alternator type Axial flux permanent magnet generator
Overspeed protection mechanism Mechanically furled
Output topology Grid tied, batteryless
Rotor Diameter 5.5m
Swept area 24m2
Tower options to raise turbine to: 13m or 20m, hydraulic monopole
Peak power 6,500w
Rated output/ wind speed *see notes below 5,000w @ 11m/s (1 min avg.)
Avg. Output / Avg. wind speed 3,000w / 8m/s
Minimum wind speed for generation 3.5m/s
Shutdown wind speed None
Furling wind speed (start) 11m/s
Fully furled at 17m/s
Survival wind speed 63m/s
Maximum design RPM 260
Average annual yield 6,000 to 13,000kwh
Annual carbon saving 6 to 13 tonnes
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*Rated Output / Windspeed

This is the wind speed at which the wind generator reaches its rated output (5,000w). This term is often misunderstood or misused by manufacturers because not all wind generators are created equal, even if they have comparable rated outputs. Avoid comparing only rated outputs between different manufacturers, instead compare swept area, this is the most critical feature that will help you compare the output of one wind generator with another. We recommend you use the SEAI or BWEA wind atlas to ascertain your local average wind speeds and then use the annual yield chart to predict how many units you can generate at your location. Annual energy yield is really what you need to know!

There is no definitive European industry standard for rated wind speed (just a proposal of 11m/s). "So what?" you ask. Wind generator companies currently rate their turbine output at anywhere from 8–14 m/s. This may not sound like such a big deal until you understand that there is potentially 511 percent more power in a 14m/s wind than in an 8m/s wind.