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Maintenance scheduling.

All complex machinery needs careful maintenance if it is to give years of service and this is especially true of wind turbines which are flying outdoors in the most extreme of conditions. A motorcar that is expected to work continuously (a London taxi for example) is serviced every two months; this is not an option for wind turbine owners but it is vital that the scheduled maintenance take place every year.

No cranes or high lift plant are required for this lubrication, airfoil cleaning and inspection; the tower is simply folded safely to the ground. It's necessary because a wind turbine blade will eventually build up a scum of airborne pollen, debris and squashed insects that will detrimentally effect the aerodynamic qualities and reduce efficiency and therefore power output. Bearings also need greasing and power transfer brushes need checking for wear. Bolts are checked for loosening due to vibration and system efficiency is monitored.