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About Kingston Renewable Energy

KRE was established in 2009 when its founder Richard Kingston wished to buy a turbine for his house on a hill in Wicklow. Shocked by the overpriced or underperforming machines that were available at the time he set out to use his broad range of skills to engineer a turbine for the Irish and European market.

His list of criterion included developing a wind turbine that was:

He analyzed all the current trends of design of small wind turbines, picked many of the best features and topology, added some of his own ideas and developed the 'Fluxy' fully mechanical wind turbine using the principles of 'Organic Design'.

Organic design is a philosophy of design that is driven by several ideals: 

The term 'organic design' was popularised by master architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who argued that form and function were one. He did not design according to style. He designed according to function and allowed the style to emerge. He was never a slave to tradition, never doing something simply because it had 'always' been mindlessly done that way.